Best Pre Reg Models

No matter which type of car you are looking for – be it a brand new supercar or a new city car, if you look at the right time and in the right places you will undoubtedly find a good deal on a model that you want. However, there are some models which are far easier to find in their pre-registered form and thus easier to save money on.

There are various reasons for this and of course depending on your personal preference you may be prepared to wait longer for your dream car, but as a guideline we have outlined some of the models which are most readily available as pre-registered vehicles – you will still need to be looking at the right time however.

Ford Fiesta

There is no prize for guessing why Ford’s ever popular supermini is the first car on our list – simply it is the best-selling car in the UK and has been for a number of years. As a consequence there are always going to be thousands of models which are unsold for every registration, meaning the time of year is almost irrelevant because Fiestas are so abundant. It really does not make sense to pay full price for a Fiesta unless there are some specific features and interior trims that you are absolutely set on – if you are more easy going then you shouldn’t have much trouble finding one similar to your perfect model pre-registered.

Vauxhall Corsa

Once again it should be pretty easy to see why you can get a great deal on a pre-registered Corsa (or a used Vauxhall Corsa for that matter). It too has been one of Britain’s best-selling models for several years and similarly there are Vauxhall Corsa models from every new registration available in huge quantities. However you won’t find as many pre-registered ones as Fiestas so you will have to be cannier about when you search – namely when new registration plates come out.

Range Rover Sport

For very different reasons than the two aforementioned small family cars, you would probably be surprised at the number of deals you can find on pre-registered Range Rover Sport vehicles. Because it is such a premium car which only a very small percentage of people can afford brand new, dealers often over compensate for the number of sales they will actually make – or on the other hand the manufacturer will produce too many and therefore sell them to dealers at a cut price. This in turn opens the door for the customer to bag themselves a superb deal, and a deal on a £60,000 vehicle results in saving some serious cash.