What's In It For The Dealers/Manufacturers?

There must be a catch? No there isn’t, pre-registered cars exist at the price they do to benefit everyone, and the benefits which the dealers and manufacturers receive do not in any way contradict or limit yours. Whenever dealers or manufacturers register a vehicle for themselves, they are usually doing it in order to cut losses and avoid a stockpile. It does not mean that there is anything wrong with the vehicle (necessarily) other than it isn’t the winner of the popularity contest.

Basically if manufacturers feel that the cars are not selling well and are going to stock pile, they will give consent to the dealer to pre register the vehicle which will lead to them to selling the vehicle for the discounted price, in turn the manufacturers numbers will look better (for they have sold more cars albeit at a lower price) and the dealer will have more chance of meeting his monthly quota. As long as these are the prerequisite conditions for your pre-registered car then you should have nothing to worry about and it is by no means too good to be true, it is just really good and very true. Remember that all the major manufacturers do this - whether it be Ford, Hyundai, Honda, Toyota or BMW etc.

One thing that some people see as a catch to the pre-registered scheme is that as you are technically the second owner and therefore won’t be able to re-sell the car at a reasonable price as you would if you had bought a car, just as new, as the first owner.