Top Tips For Pre Reg

Hopefully by now you are familiar with the ins and out of buying a pre-registered car, and have a good idea of how to go about the process. You are probably well aware of the vast savings that can be made by simply buying your new vehicle at the right time and knowing how to haggle with the dealer for the right price. There are still some tricks of the trade that you most likely have not heard about yet.

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking to buy a pre-registered Mitsubishi Colt or a pre-registered Mercedes-Benz S-Class – the tips that we provide can be used in any situation and to make savings on any vehicle.

The first step that you should take before setting off on your journey to find the perfect pre-registered car is making a list of all of your must-have requirements. Remember that buying a pre-registered vehicle is very different to simply buying a brand new model from a manufacturer in that you have to choose between what is available – what you see if what you get. When you buy direct from a manufacturer it is you who decides the specifications of the model you want i.e. the colour, the engine size and the interior trim. This is because the dealer who you will be buying the car from is actually classed as the first owner. So even though there may just be delivery miles on the clock, a new Jeep Cherokee becomes a used Jeep Cherokee.

Only make a list of the absolute necessities – for example don’t go too specific listing say dual zone climate control. You are not going to find the exact car you are looking for, so list only the items or features you cannot live without and this will give you a basis upon which to decide if a particular car is suitable.
The next tip is regarding the vehicle you currently drive. If you have not already sold it then the standard protocol would be for you to part exchange it with the dealer for a pre-registered car. Always be sure to get an independent valuation for your motor before you part exchange it, that way you’ll know exactly how to haggle with the salesman.

For example:  Your independent valuation of your used Volvo XC60 is £7,200 but the dealer only offers you a discount of £6,700 – you know you can bargain your way down at least another £500 and this gives you the initiative.

Finally, always check the mileage of the car that you want to buy when you are at the dealership – that is to say do not just take the dealers word that only delivery miles are on the clock. Otherwise you risk the fact that the dealer may be trying to sell you a genuine second hand car as a pre-registered one.