Watch Out!

Whilst usually everything will work out to plan and you will get a great deal on a new car, sometimes they’re can be some people who want to ruin the party and take advantage of pre-registering’s kind soul. It is therefore worthwhile knowing how people exploit this way of selling cars in a way that could end up with you having problems and do your research to find tips for buying pre-registered.

Basically some dealers pre-register their vehicles without the consent of the manufacturing company, which is not something that the manufacturers like, as it devalues the brand selling their cars too cheaply too quickly. In turn the manufacturers require that should a dealer pre-register a vehicle off their own back, they should wait for 3-6 months before they attempt to re-sell the car, so that the average price of the other cars on the market isn’t brought down until the initial sales have died down - for example they will try and sell a Hyundai ix20 before the manufacturer consents which will lead to other ix20 prices falling too quickly. Some dealers however attempt to flout this rule by selling through fake or dodgy hire businesses and by keeping hold of the V5C logbook throughout that 3-6 month period presenting the buyer with many problems.

First of all it is a risk in that if you are driving a car without the logbook, you cannot prove that you are the registered owner, which would be a lot of hassle should you be pulled over or be in an accident. It also causes insurance problems. Another risk is that if dealers are willing to break this law, they are probably pretty desperate and maybe on the verge of going bust, and if they do, you may never see those documents and you may not be able to prove that the vehicle is registered as yours.