How To Buy

So now you are accustomed to the ins and outs of pre-registered cars and clued up as to why dealers sell them, you are probably looking to find out exactly how you should go about purchasing one. Well fear not because it is our mission to make sure that you are fully equipped to go about your business saving money by grabbing a deal for yourself on a pre-registered car.

The first thing you should be doing is determining the type of vehicle you want, and to do this you will need to ask yourself a number of questions and take time to do some research. For example, what will be your main uses for the car? If it is simply going to be used for short journeys to get the shopping in or take the kids to school then you will probably be best suited to either a city car such as the Toyota IQ or a second hand small family model – perhaps a used Suzuki SX4.

If you are someone who regularly takes trips on the motorway covering long distances then you are most certainly going to be after something with a larger engine and a comfortable cabin. For all round performance and style you could go for an executive saloon such as the BMW 3 Series – it will offer comfort, superb acceleration and it looks fantastic. On the more practical side an obvious choice might be a selection from one of BMWs German cousins, such as a second hand Audi A4 estate. If these are the sort of models you’re interested in then one of the first features you should be looking for is cruise control – it will make those journeys up and down the motorway infinitely more relaxing.

Now, onto the bit where you actually go to purchase the vehicle. The best strategy is to wait until a new set of registrations come out, for example when 15 plate models arrive on the market. Then when you visit a dealership you will find that they still have a number of brand new models which are either the previous plate (64) or even the plate before that (14). This gives you leverage over the dealer with which to haggle for an excellent price.

The dealer will have already made a good enough mark up on models from those registrations and they will be happy to sell the car at a discounted price.

Remember – be strong in your argument and keep haggling to you are sure that the dealer will not offer you the vehicle any cheaper.